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20 cent pieces per Lane Brunner and John Frost’s “Double Dimes The United States Twenty-cent Piece”





NGC 3683152001


The high population 1853 trime can be found in all grades so collectors should be a bit picky in their selection regardless of numerical grade. This example serves the bill very nicely for the VF30 level. This is the last year of the type 1 obverse design with no lines bordering the 6 point star. Quite nice in hand with light grey silver devices displaying more luster than my images. Strong vertical and horizontal lines on the inner harp area. Reverse also nicely struck and problem free. Not many 1853 non e-bay auction sales can be found at this grade level with the last Heritage sale recorded way back in 2012. Choice. New 5/22





NGC 1773521008


The 1872 Copper Nickel is a better date with a mintage of just 862,000. The presently offered example with pleasing golden toning and plenty of remaining mint luster. Strike is better than average, the vertical line in III almost complete with just the 3rd I showing just a tiny bit of weakness at the top of the numeral. Older NGC Brown label, some scratches on the holder noted. Choice . New 7/28







The 1875-S Twenty Cent Piece is primarily collected as a type coin, but specialists in the available 4 date series ( the 1876-CC has about 20 known so I'm not considering that)  will seek out the different die varieties and even die crack progressions to collect. This example is an early die state BF-13. The obverse with a high mis-placed date in the denticles that is still visible, the reverse with high refilled S that's re-punched. The reverse die cracks most easily seen to the left of the U in UNITED. Problem free for the grade. Original. 

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