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Seated Half Dimes

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Seated Half Dime Variety attributions are per Valentine


1840-O ND


NGC 6440075006


This early New Orleans issue sure saw a lot of use, I'd love to know its' journey from the time minted. The obverse  is actually quite nice for the grade, the reverse weak, especially so on the right side and bottom. Minor obverse rim hits noted as seen in the image. From a mintage of 695,000 the stars and No Drapery type was issued from 1838-1840 with a changeover to with Drapery occurring in 1840. As a benchmark, G4 Greysheet shows $105. This date is definitely rarer than the mintage. Original.





PCGS 45219606


This With Arrows 1853 Half Dime is very nice for the grade, displaying original brownish grey surfaces and lots of remaining feature detail on Miss Liberty's face and hair. Star dentils are sharp, as are the reverse laurel leaves. Although the highest mintage for the series, a popular date due to its' demand as a type coin. Original. New 4/18




VF Det

NGC 5945069006


The 1858 double date was 1st punched much too high with the top of the 1 touching the base and then corrected as were the 858 numerals. Re- punching can be seen on all 4 digits with the most obvious showing at the middle right side of the 1. Bold reverse clashing also seen. Light hairlines , perhaps a few too many to straight grade. Pretty bluish toning a slight offset. Worthy example for variety collectors. Minimal population. About 10X rarer than the Over Inverted date variety. Fairly priced. Cleaned.




AU Details

PCGS 37248684


The 1860 Half Dime was the first year of issue with Legend Reverse. The present example exhibits pretty copper purple toning but a bit too many hairlines for PCGS to straight grade. Light wear is seen on both the obverse and reverse high points.  Cleaned.




AU Detail

PCGS 45059822


This 1861 seated half dime was improperly cleaned with just very light hairlines accounting for the grade. The reverse displays nice light golden rim toning. Priced accordingly.  Cleaned.








The 1862 seated half dime had a mintage of 1,492,000 and availability is further enhanced due to Civil War hoarding. Just traces of light wear on the thighs, knees, bosom and head.  Reverse with just a bit of wear on the leaves, but the vein and corn niblets detail is strong. Greyish surfaces with some remaining muted luster on the obverse, more luster seen on the reverse which is common.  Nice selection for a Whitman or Dansco album. Market Acceptable. New 1/17






NGC 6506605003


This lovely Type 5 Legend Obverse Half dime, graded at the popular AU58 level, comes a calling with lovely eye appeal that will delight the next owner. Fully struck with just a bit of wear on the high points, the LIBERTY on shield bold. The purplish surfaces on the left and right fields a bit more silvery on Miss Liberty, giving off an almost cameo look. Rim dentils strong. The reverse Agricultural wreath visually enticing as I survey it under 10X. Okay, okay, I really like this coin!  Gem.



1872-S Mintmark Above


PCGS 34304501


This 1872-S seated half dime is the much scarcer Mintmark Above Wreath  variety. This present example shows original brownish gold molted surfaces and full strike. Just a trace of friction is seen on Miss Liberty's thigh. In AU58, the Mintmark Above variety is about 2X scarcer than its' Below the Wreath counterpart. Overall, the variety about 3x scarcer. The reverse with pretty toning when angled under light correctly. Key variety. Priced attractively  Original. New 2/23



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