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GFRC-Lite strives to provide conservative grading for all raw coins. The 5 level GFRC Quality Rating System of Gem, Choice, Original, Market Acceptable, and Cleaned will be employed to further differentiate quality. Most Graded coins fall into the 1st 4 categories with the occasional Cleaned coin finding it’s way to a straight grade.

The majority of raw coins will fall into the Original and Market Acceptable categories. Descriptions are as follows:

  • Gem – these coins have no question original surfaces, fully struck, blemish free with plus toning colors or luster.
  • Choice – coins classified here have strictly original surfaces with minimal distracting marks.Strong eye appeal and premium for the grade.
  • Original – coins in this category have surfaces that are most likely original with no obvious signs of past cleaning. These coins fit well into raw album sets.
  • Market Acceptable – coins in this category can exhibit faint hairlines, questionable color, dull surfaces from excessive dipping, or too many surface hits. These coins are mostly album set fillers.
  • Cleaned – these coins are cleaned, many times more than once with dull, unpleasing surfaces.  Coins with harsh hairlines can also be found here.


The consignment process for GFRC-Lite will be quite similar to the GFRC process. Consignors can refer to the GFRC policy as the base, with differences (and noted similarities) as follows;

  • GFRC-Lite Commission Rate Structure (no buyer’s fees)

Final Sales Price      Commission Rate
$0 to $100——————-15%
$101 to $500—————12.5%
$501 to $5000————–9.5%
$5001 and above———–8.5%

  • Minimum Value: Unless part of a more substantial consignment, the minimum value per coin is $50.
  • Coinage Wanted: GFRC-Lite will handle the same Classic Type coinage that GFRC handles, but at
    a lower price point focused on accepting raw coins ($50 and above) and lower priced 3rd Party graded
    coinage ($50 to $300 ).
  • Return policy: I offer a 10 day return policy on all coins.
  • Right to reject a consignment: GFRC-Lite reserves the right to reject any consignment without notice or cause.
  • Exclusive consignment marketing: Consignment periods are 180 days. During the consignment period, GFRC- Lite has the exclusive rights to market and sell coins during the agreed upon consignment timeframe.
  • GFRC-Lite Review, Consensus Pricing, and Settlement: GFRC-Lite will review ship coins against the consigners packaging list. GFRC-Lite will conduct initial marketability assessment and recommend pricing to be agreed upon with the consigner. Sales are considered final after the expiration of the 10-day return policy. Payments are then made to consigners or credits posted to consigner’s account.
  • Consignment Proposal: Contact Rich at 973-271-2615 (voice or text) or email Rich at richhunderr1@gmail.com to discuss potential consignments.



Please ship by U.S. Registered Mail – 2 Day Priority Mail Express is highly recommended.
Please insure your coins to an insurance amount you are comfortable with. Please email the tracking number to Rich at richhunderr1@gmail.com.
Please include a package list of the enclosed coins including: date, denomination, grade, grading service (note “raw “if applicable).
Please also send Rich the USPS tracking number for added tracking. I will contact you when the package is delivered.
Please ship to the following address:

Richard Hundertmark /
648 Hanes Mall Blvd. / PMB 281  /
Winston Salem, NC 27103-5670


Please note that the mailing address box is in a secure UPS store location. The UPS store workers have agent signature authority for all packages sent to my address. Additionally, there is always someone to accept and sign for packages and the UPS store quickly texts and emails me when any package is received.

Additionally, it’s most secure to send the package to my name as above, DO NOT address to the business name.

Also, it is my experience that shipping on a Monday or Tuesday is most efficient. Weekend postal workers are sometimes lax and for whatever reason packages have a greater tendency to get lost or delayed on the weekend. Shipping via 2 day Express Priority early in the work week alleviates much anxiety.

And lastly, thanks to all that are considering working with GFRC – Lite, I look forward to discussing the numismatic items you are considering for sale and assisting in helping you meet your collecting objectives.

Upcoming Shows

GFRC-Lite will have a table at the following shows:

Midlands Club Coin Show 

Friday May 10th to Saturday May 11th

Bourse open to public 9-5PM Friday & Sat 9-4PM

Embassy Suites

200 Stoneridge Drive

Columbia , SC  29210

Raleigh Money Expo 

 Friday June 21  to Sun June 23

Bourse open to public 10-5PM Fri., Sat & 10AM to 2:30 PM Sunday

Exposition Center – NC State Fairgrounds

4285 Trinity Road

Raleigh , NC 27624

** Early bird badge holders 8AM Fri Sat & Sunday

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